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Help, support and information

At this point you will learn about the things that we are asked again and again, especially on the subject of presentation and testing on your own initiative In addition to the answers given here, you can directly contact us, Please feel free to do it. We look forward to your approach.


Because your personal skill plays a major role, it is our preferred approach to present to you the products of the XPAT - family on site. If you want to get to know us and our company's environment you can also appoint a meeting in Kleinblittersdorf. If a meeting should happen quickly also an online presentation would be possible. With TeamViewer or another solution such a presentation is possible on your own workstation without travel expenses and pretty promptly. After a presentation, we give you the opportunity to test our systems yourself. Talk to us about it.
If the presentation is appointed to happen on site a projector or a large display and access to the Internet are required. It is a good situation if you have the possibility of a guest WLAN with access to the internet. In this case we can use our notebook for the presentation. Otherwise, we need a PC from the company we are visiting. In the presentation we try to use data which are collected according to search profiles of the visited company.
The interested party can appoint a presentation with a lead of round about four weeks. Maybe you give us three suggested dates. Also, you can give us a call and make an appointment directly with us.

Own tests

We will gladly provide you with a test option if available. For this purpose, please make an appointment for a presentation first and send us a small test search profile. Then we will set up a test system and present the system before you can perform your own test. This simplifies the tester's access to the functionalities of the system.
During a presentation, you learn a lot about how the XPAT system is operating. The presentation is not only about the functions, but also about special questions about detailed problems in the company. So we can help with our suggestions and our experience. The existing work condition can have a big influence on the kind of use of the XPAT system. The system can be adapted to the customer's needs in various ways.
An XPAT presentation will cost you 2.5 to 3 hours of your time. In that time you get in a compact form a first impression of the system and you get information which is helpful for your own test. The presentation is for free and without further obligation.

Interesting information

Messenger (TM) is a very professional search language. In addition to the "normal" Boolean operators such as AND, OR, NOT in Messenger you have various additional options. Truncation on the right, on the left and on both sides of a concept simultaneously and no limitations of the used characters. In addition to the truncation, there are other masking characters (#;!) and word proximity operators such as (A), (L) and (W). Here you can, for example, search a term A, which may not be further far away from a term B as e.g. ten words. Example: harvest? (10W) machine? . There are also numeric operators such as =, >, <, >=, <=. A fuzzy search completes the skills.
On request XPAT works purely with free data. It is the decision of the customer. The data coverage corresponds to the DOC-DB from the EPA. To reference the data, a so-called OPS identification is required that each company receives from EPO for free. Besides this XPAT also accesses its own commercial data shortly. We offer these requests as part of a data - flat rate. Special highlight is the availability of english machine translations of various full texts of the following countries; DE, KR, JP, CN, BR, RU, FR, DK, BE, TW, ES within one week after occurrence.
Once a year we invite customers and prospects to visit us in Kleinblittersdorf. Here we discuss with our visitors how to proceed with the development of our systems? In addition to criticism and suggestions, we exchange information about the future of the industry and the needs of our customers and how we can take care of the fact that such changes will have influence on the functionality of software products. Also, some of our visitors show how they are working with XPAT. From these experiences everyone can benefit.