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Upcoming dates and announcements

Upcoming dates and announcements

Events with our participation

27/28thApril 2023

We have an exhibition booth at 7th European IP Forum

Venue: Berlin

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3rdof May 2023

XPAT - Usermeeting

Venue: Kleinblittersdorf

Visit us. Every year there are interesting presentations and discussions around XPAT / IP ...

14.-16.June 2023

We have an exhibition booth at "Patinfo"

Venue: Ilmenau - Festhalle

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12thJuly 2023

We have an exhibition booth at "Tag der gewerblichen Schutzrechte"

Venue: Stuttgart

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New colleagues?

XPAT - Training. That's really new!

Venue: online

You are client and you have got a new colleague or new colleagues? Fine! We offer to train these persons without costs during a meeting online in roundabout two hours. We will explain XPAT® and answer to all the questions. This will definitely help to get familiar with all the most important features.


XPAT Training

XPAT Trainings 2022

Venue: Kleinblittersdorf

In blocks of two days, we have XPAT - XPAT File (Akte) - and XPAT on Administration training. The days are discounted individually or bookable together.
Please contact us, we are also happy to offer training and Q&A sessions online.
With pleasure we beiten für companies also training on site or onlie in the form of webinars. This is certainly also a good alternative.

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