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XPAT Trademark - trademark monitoring

In addition to traditional intellectual property rights such as patents and utility models, trademarks have also found their way into the XPAT product family. Thanks to the "grabber technology" already known from XPAT, it has become possible to monitor competitors' trademarks and your own trademarks automatically. In the process, the relevant data records are transferred to the internal trademark database XPAT Trademark. This makes it quite easy to get an overview of one's own trademarks and the trademarks of competitors. It can be assumed that trademarks will gain in importance in the IP sector

Monitoring of own trademarks

Especially in the trademark area, it is important to monitor new trademark applications so that opposition periods can actually be used. For this purpose, orders can be set in XPAT Trademark that specifically monitor individual trademarks and take into account both applicants and classes of goods. This helps to avoid a number of irrelevant and thus unnecessary hits. If you detect interfering trademarks at an early stage, you can take advantage of the opposition periods and thus also prevent your own trademark from being diluted or devalued by anything too similar. XPAT Trademark is thus a trademark tool for monitoring trademarks.

In XPAT Trademark, the required trademark documents are recorded. This is done through the grabbers (import automations), which automatically load documents into the system according to the stored search requests. This is actually done automatically and conveniently in the background. So you don't have to actively search for new documents, but you will be informed about new documents. Of course, you can also import commercial data from trademark data providers into XPAT Trademark. In principle, all sources that have structured, machine-readable and unencrypted formats can be used.

What brands does the competition have?

It is also possible to load competitors' trademarks in order to avoid unnecessary difficulties when creating new trademarks and to know what the competition is planning and where its marketing activities are likely to develop.

XPAT Trademark is fully supported by the mechanisms of XPATSDI with the creation of automated search profiles for loading documents in rotation. This is probably the most important feature in XPAT Trademark as a trademark monitoring tool. Likewise, XPAT Trademark is also anchored in the XPAT file with all its functions via the "Trademark" rights type. All data relating to the trademark file can be recorded here. All costs, the addresses of the lawyer, corresponding contract documents, legal disputes, correspondence around the file and even a connection to a fee service provider or attorney.

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