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XPAT Data Questel Interface

In today's world, it is important to inform oneself comprehensively about the situation of property rights with regard to one's own company. This applies above all to the target markets for one's own products, but of course also for property rights worldwide if one wishes to obtain one's own patents.

Due to the high economic pressure also from Asian companies and on the other hand the attraction that the Asian markets have on local companies, there is a need to deal with primarily non - English language documents. Even if "only" machine translations are available as a first step, it is extremely important to be able to receive these documents in English. With the interface to Questel, one can research completely in English.

XPAT Data Questel Interface Screenshot

As good as public databases may be, it also comes down to data coverage, up-to-dateness and available texts. This clearly speaks for commercial products.
In the Questel - database Asian documents are available very early and in translated form. In addition, this data source was made accessible within XPAT with the search language also used by XPAT. I.e. one searches over the Questel - interface in XPAT with the same search - syntax, as also XPAT - internally.

The interface can be used for research as well as for leisurely browsing, because the data records are presented with all their components without having to load them into the database. Thus, one can transfer a search result directly into one's own XPAT database or only those documents are transferred that were marked as interesting or relevant after the sifting.

XPAT Data Questel Interface Screenshot

As usual in the XPAT system, searches can be fully automated. This means that XPAT automatically searches Questel at any time and automatically transfers new data to the XPAT database. Thus, the internal system is automatically always up to date.
This interface is an optional feature, that causes annually recurring, moderate additional costs.

  • Five simultaneous search accesses
  • Fast download
  • English full texts
  • Asian documents available earlier
  • Improved quality of graphics